Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur

Click the Link Above Before Reading.  This Young Entrepreneur is thinking out of the box. He has obviously begun the process of learning personal money management as you hear him talk about savings and investing his money back into his business. I hope someone is teaching him to Pay himself First as one of the basics of personal money management.

He explains how he saved to buy his bike and engineered the trailer that carries the tools of his trade. I had to take a double take on the choice of tools used to create the trailer which was truly an engineering feat that would be challenging to the average youth his age.

Using imagination and pure determination he’s in the beginning stages of a bright future. The beautiful thing is he’s not selfish. He is reaching back and bringing his younger brother along with him. I understand he’s from the Cleveland, OH area.

This young man is an inspiration to others and should be show cased all over the media.  Who knows how many others he could inspire.

My prayers are some forward thinking business entrepreneur will take notice what a young protégée he is and take him under their wing so this young man gets continuing mentoring.

I also give credit to his parents who obviously support him in seeking his dreams to become a self supporting businessperson.  Way to go parents!

He is an inspiration to me and millions others judging from the Facebook post with 14.3 million views. I spoke about the young entrepreneur spirit in my last post on Father’s Day, Respect, Integrity and ethics.  Clearly I was in a different family situation. It makes me wonder where I could have been with the right support and nurturing.

Do you know of a young entrepreneur that we can show case on this website? Leave a comment or contact me at

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