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“Students exposed to a rigorous financial literacy program are much less likely to get into trouble with debt after they graduate”, according to recent research article written for Forbes Magazine by Annamaria Lusardi, Contributor .”  I agree. Students need to learn not to get into financial trouble before and during college to avoid the after college debt.

“Putting the cart before the horse” can be a good thing in this instance.  That’s part of the thinking we are addressing here at We need to equip young adults with the tools, AND let them practice using them long before the leave high school and enter into a world where they are expected to become responsible independent thinkers, whether that be college or not.

Setting a foundation of sound financial knowledge begins with the basics.  Why we’re overlooking this is crazy to me.  If a young adult does not know about money and the tools needed to manage it, they’ll end up doing just what I did throwing it away or giving it to some credit institution at a rate of interest that in some cases can be considered larceny.

Many young adults coming from low-income disenfranchised families, as I did, don’t and won’t get the opportunity to be afforded education in personal financial money management.  Which is why I take the subject so seriously, and it has become a passion for me to want to educate especially those who are in the circumstance as I was at one time.

I know many of these low-income young adults own some sort of mobile device or have access to computers through school, libraries, community centers, or a friend’s homes so there’s a way to get the messages to them. It just might take some steering by some of you responsible parents, teachers and mentors. The message will be simple, sound and easily understandable; but it will have a life changing affect leading young adults toward a more financially healthy sustainable lifestyle.

We’re still looking for input from you the readers please make a comment on this or any of the other post on this website.  We are looking for your suggestions on how to reach-out and make getting the basics of financial knowledge to the masses of young adults that need it.  Use the comment section at the top of this post.

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