A Few Questions Asked of Free Financial Literacy 101

A few Questions Asked of Free Financial Literacy 101

A few questions were asked in reference to the free EZ eBook that’s being created.  In this post it’s my hopes to answer those question and others some of my readers may have.

Question #1:  From what source are you creating the free EZ eBook?

Answer:  My vision for the creation of the free EZ eBook is that it would be a community effort if you read my About page you will have seen where I reference the creation of this blog and the free EZ eBook being a collaborative effort of the community.  I’m looking for input from parents, teachers, churches, community leaders, the business industry and yes the young adults who are the target audience of the free EZ eBook.

I’m aware that many more people can and will benefit from the material in the book most of all I’d like to reach out to the low-income, disenfranchised families, and the newly arriving immigrant population trying to assimilate into our societies.  I want to help provide some of the very basics financial knowledge that will pave the way to what I hope could be a much more financially savvy life then I’ve had to endure.

Question #2: When  I or anyone else contribute information for the free EZ eBook will you ever charge a price for it?

Answer:  In the current design of the free EZ eBook the title is set to be “Free Financial Literacy 101, EZ eBook” and is to be exactly as it implies free to all whom desire to download it, EZ to read and EZ to understand.  The best part of the EZ eBook is that it will be a living document it will change as the community input desires to see changes.

In full disclosure in the future we intend to design a course around the free EZ eBook a course we intend also to produce free, to reach the people who need the information the most.  However, as the workload increases as well as the expenses we may have to find ways to monetize the efforts to keep this blog alive but the EZ eBook will always be free.

It is my passion to deliver valuable content to you the reader’s content that will have an impact on the individual as well as globally.  Starting with those a want to reach the most by providing an enriching experience that can help lead the readers to financial self-sufficiency.

Question #3:  What will distinguish your approach from the others out on the internet?

Answer:   I’ve not read all the other blog and websites out there but I believe the ones I have are taking a multifaceted approach to financial illiteracy as will I.

I believe in a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell Me and I Forget.  Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn.” That is my approach I intend to involve my readers they will get rich real-time real-life experience that are completely relatable and hit home. It’s my hopes you the readers will never have to use the quote that I have so many times, “Why didn’t anybody tell me that.” Remember it is you our community of concerned citizens that will be the driving force behind getting the right material to our readers.

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