Put Yourself at the Head of the Line

Put Yourself at the Head of the Line.

Guest Post By Karen Jefferson 

Your name might not be Bill, but you are a bill to be paid.


“Plain and Simple Plan”.  Start TODAY paying yourself if you want to have any chance of achieving long-term financial independence! Running with Torch.jpg

Did you ever stop and think when paying bills that you are not going to have anything left to save?  You pay everyone one with your hard-earned dollar bills.  Why are you not on that list to be paid?!  After all, you are working for it.  By being paid, I don’t mean being a    “goody getter” and buying things you don’t need just to reward yourself.  I do mean rewarding yourself by paying money to a savings account.

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Yes, I didn’t say “PUT money into”.  I said “PAY money to”. a savings account.  Remember from the August 2, 2016 blog on “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU EARN…IT’S WHAT YOU KEEP.” Our Money is Our Work Force. Get yours working for your future!

I have an automatic payment from both my personal and business checking accounts to to my personal and business savings accounts respectively.  I saw the text message on my phone this morning that those transactions would take place today, and I had a vision of a bill with my name on it being paid before all other bills I had to pay today.  That’s just how you have to think of it.  Put yourself at the head of the line in the line of bills wanting to be paid.  If there isn’t going to be money left over at the end of bill paying, at least you paid yourself; and I am sure you don’t want to work and not be paid. Is my message coming through?

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You might enjoy review in depth in the July 25 Common Sense Blog the topics below:

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST at the first of the month, before you pay anyone else, write a check to your savings account for 10% of your income.
  2. ADJUST YOUR PRIORITIES and don’t spend money on things your really don’t need and manage the money you do have.
  3. BUDGET and just don’t spend as expenses just come up or you will have too much month left at the end of the money.
  4. ADJUST YOUR LIFESTYLE because you can’t have every
  5. EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME by considering part-time work for all family members.
  • AVOID THE CREDIT TRAP by paying off all charges at the end of each billing period to avoid paying much more for your purchases that they originally cost you, or you will wind up only paying interest each month and never getting out of debt to the credit card company.

And a review of the August 2 Blog IT’S NOT WHAT YOU EARN…IT’S WHAT YOU KEEP!

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