My First Paycheck

We Need Your Input Critiquing the Paycheck Above

My first paycheck I remember it like it was yesterday.  The shock and awe that took place the moment I opened the pay envelope. The words that came out of my mouth, “somebody screwed up.” along with a few other choice words that I can’t mention on in this post.

Well that’s what we hope to prevent happening to someone else by providing the financial knowledge that I didn’t have.  The picture above is a paycheck based on a 40 hour work week it is designed to look exactly like a real check with a real pay stub.  This check and many more like it will be used in a free training exercise we are designing to go along with the free EZ eBook you are helping to create.

We need your feedback and or comments on the paycheck above.  If you’d like to give a testimonial of your experience with your first paycheck that would be helpful too.  All comments and feedback will be considered for use in this blog and in the  free EZ eBook.  Go to the comment section above and say something even if it’s you think the paycheck looks great.

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