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Hi, I’m John!

I’m a retired Naval Master Chief raised in the projects of Newark, New Jersey, financially poor, emotionally broke and educationally undeserved. I enjoy peace and harmony in my life now and am passionate about empowering young adults.

I fear and hate writing, but love speaking to inspire and motivate others with my life’s “lessons learned,” towards a life of self-sufficiency for both you and myself.  Through this blog I’m going to face my fear and hate of writing and turn it into a passion of love for sharing as I have done for so many years of my life.

Meet My Avatar He'll be around throughout my posts.
Meet My Avatar He’ll be around throughout my posts.

Now, I’d like to introduce my Avatar.  I was asked in a coaching session I’m going through for writing this blog to think about an avatar as person I’m trying to reach, and as someone I thought  could add value to in my writing this financial literacy blog  When I pieced it all together, the people I’m trying to reach are just like me, starting from the age I was able to make my first dollar until now.  My Avatar and I want to  provide you the information so you don’t have to say like I have so many time in my life, “Why didn’t anybody tell me that?”

I want to share with you the readers this passion for researching and gathering information to teach basic financial literacy absolutely free.

And, I want to take you on this journey with me.  I want to engage you in my first blog to address an issue that is far too often ignored with a devastating cost to our young adult’s inadequate financial literacy, failure to teach personal financial basics!

It is on this journey that you will learn the most about me as I share my life’s story in the post along the way.  If you need to know more now visit me on my Linkedin Page:

Click Link to John Page
Click Link to John’s Page

My goal is to connect with and empower young adults through simply sharing my story, my thoughts, time and experiences, as well as inviting some of you to share your thoughts and experiences.  I believe that as a community we can strategize a way to get at least the basics of personal money management, entrepreneurship and leadership to those in need.

Today we have a broad research base that clearly outlines the ramifications for a poorly financially educated population, as well as a population that has not receive adequate financial education either from home or schools to succeed economically.  We should be able to safely say there is no excuse to let any of today’s young adult fall into financial despair.  You think!

Not me, and here’s why it angers me to read an article written by the Council for Economic Education on a Financial Literacy and Economic Education about a conference in 2015 they call it “a great success” because over 500 “educators, industry thought-leaders and partners convened.”  Talk about low expectations! Across the United States there are about 26,407 public secondary schools and 10,693 private secondary schools (digest of Education Statistics, 201, Table 89).  I wonder how many of these approximately 37,000 secondary public and private school will benefit from those 500 educators, industry thought-leaders and partners and at what cost this came to the tax payers.

This really underscores the need for financial literacy and this blog.

I want to leave you with a call to action, I want you to think about financial literacy basics and answer the following question.  Your answers will become the bases for what future blogs, articles and  free EZ eBooks are about in other words your input will drive the direction this blog will go.

Your Input Requested in the Creation of This Book
Your Input Requested in the Creation of This Book

Question:  What one subject (I know there’s many but try to narrow it to one) in dealing with financial literacy would you want your sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, nieces, nephews, great grands and loved ones to know about.  Send your response in comments or in an email.

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