Delivering Financial Knowledge

President Obama has asked members of his Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans to work on ways to deliver financial knowledge to young people – leveraging technology to reach young people at school, home or wherever we can.

What a key choice of words “financial knowledge,” it shines through.  Though far too often we hear terms like teach personal finance, money management, financial investments and so-on.  What our young adults need to learn first is financial knowledge and that begins with the basics.  Young adults need to learn about the financial tools that will lead them to sound money management, saving and investments.  Imagine if you can how good would carpenters be if they had no knowledge of their tools.

We here at freefinlit101.com with the help of you, the blog reading community, are going to take the President up on his charge and reach out to the young adults where they live on their mobile devices at school, home and wherever they are.

Freefinlit101.com will be using the concept of the “flip classroom” where short video lectures are viewed anywhere outside the classroom environment followed by discussions, exercises and projects that can be conducted afterwards in an environment that is more comfortable than the classroom.

We will begin regularly putting up, pages on this website that will become the content of an EZ eBook we intend to offer free to those who want to learn the basics of financial knowledge.  Our target audience for the EZ eBook will be young adults, however, we know that there plenty others that can and will benefit from this EZ to understand reader.

We will be asking for your feedback on each page we display for the eBook. We will be looking for suggestions on ways to improve and change the page.  We want to make this a community project like never before.  The EZ eBook will be written in sound, basic easy to understand, plain language.  Easy enough to understand it empowers.

Some of the things that will be contained in the Free Financial Knowledge EZ eBook will be:

  • First Paycheck with Descriptions
  • Checking Accounts Management
  • Savings Account Management
  • Budgeting
  • Paying yourself first
  • Credit
  • Debit
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How to earn money, save it, invest it and spend it
  • In addition to any suggestions you think should be covered in the free EZ eBook.

This will be a joint project with the hopes of getting the information you believe should be taught in the basics of financial literacy.

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